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Does your life feel a little hectic, undisciplined, exhausting, or you’re simply craving community with God-centered women?


Treasured is for you!

It's more than just a Bible study. Treasured is a 6-week discipleship program where women encourage & empower each other to grow in Christ.


Facebook Track

Online participation, interaction, & communication with a squad via Facebook

Daily devotionals and weekly assignments correlating with the book for a holistic approach to growing spiritually, emotionally, relationally, physically, & in lifestyle

Assignments in printed Treasured booklet with grace given

Flex Time (on your own as schedule allows)

Relational opportunities & events for squads & all Treasured participants

Guidance: Squad Leader

Accountability Partner: G.E.M.

6 Weeks

Small Group Track

Weekly discussions with a small group (both campuses)

Weekly assignments correlating with the book for growing spiritually, emotionally, 
& relationally

Assignments in the study guide with grace given

Scheduled Time (Both campuses, Thursdays at 7pm)

Relational opportunities & events for small groups & all Treasured participants

Guidance: Small-Group Leader

Accountability Partner: None

6 Weeks

Our next chapter chapter will kick off in March!

Don't miss out on connecting with other women in the meantime! We always have new discussion groups starting!


Choose Your Track

Choose the track that is right for you (Facebook Track or Small Group Track)


Sign up in the atrium at one of our campuses or online when registrations open for the next chapter.

Join Us

For our kickoff event where you meet your group for the first time and receive your materials.

Ready to be encouraged, empowered, & connected to a group of Christ-centered women? Our next chapter kicks off in March 2020!