class takes place every sunday during the 9am service.

Are you new to your faith, or want to learn more about the basics?

Starting a relationship with Jesus is your best first step. And we believe Journey is your best next step after making that decision. Journey is a 4-week class that runs on a loop during every 9am Sunday service at both campuses. We'll answer questions like, "Where should I start my journey?," "Should I be baptized?," "How do I read my Bible?," and more!

Meet at Guest Services in the atrium a little before 9am, and we'll direct you to where your class is meeting.

The 4 weeks of the class run in a loop, so jump in any time and come back for the next 3 weeks to get each session of the class.

Learn what the next step for your walk with Jesus looks like!

Journey is your best next step.

We’ll see you on Sunday at 9am!