a next step for young adults that feel called to ministry to be trained & equipped to live out their God-given purpose

Areas of Internship Opportunities


KidzWorld is a place for newborn through 5th grade children during our Sunday services. We know it is tough being a kid, and raising a child is difficult, so we partner with parents by providing a safe, fun, healthy environment for children to learn more about Jesus.

As a KidzWorld Intern, you would be responsible for preparing environments, assisting our KidzWorld team in knowing, training, and celebrating leaders, and loving kids of all ages!

MOVE Youth

MOVE Youth is where students, 6th-12th grade, can discover purpose and belonging. Being a student currently with this culture is harder than ever, so MOVE takes the pressure off. At MOVE we get a little crazy, have a ton of fun, and create a safe place for students to be themselves.

As a MOVE Intern, you will be responsible for preparing for MOVE on Wednesday evenings, assisting our MOVE Youth team in knowing, training, and celebrating leaders, and investing into students.


Hospitality is the heart of the church. These teams do everything to make our guests and long-time friends feel like Life Changing Church is not a building, but a safe place you can come to find belonging and a family. We focus on the YOU next to YOU so that people can have a life changing experience.

As a Hospitality Intern, you will be responsible for assisting our Hospitality team in knowing, training, and celebrating our volunteers as well as preparing our spaces for Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings to make all feel that “we were expecting you!”


Creative Arts

Creative Arts is the department that makes all things creative come alive. This department serves all ages: KidzWorld, MOVE Youth, weekend services, Church Where You Are, and more!

As a Creative Arts Intern, you will select an area in which you would want to specialize in (worship, production, or communication) and then help that team through hands-on experience, develop creative projects, assist in knowing, training, and celebrating volunteers, and serving at our events.

Outreach & Missions

Our Outreach & Missions department is focused on the YOU next to YOU outside of our church walls by being part of something bigger locally, regionally, and internationally.

As an Outreach & Missions Intern, you will be responsible for assisting our Outreach team in organizing outreach events, missions trips to the Dominican Republic, and gathering stories and new opportunities for ways we can impact our communities, our nation, and our world beyond Life Changing Church.

Team Development

Our Team Development department supports all the departments to help build healthy teams and culture at Life Changing Church. We help volunteers be set-up for success and understand the why behind the what we GET to do!

As a Team Development Intern, you will be responsible for organizing and leading test drives & volunteer orientations for new team members for all departments at your campus. You will also assist in organizing and executing team trainings and help develop leaders. 

Take Your Next Step

Our internship program is designed to give self-motivated, hardworking young adults an opportunity to be trained and equipped with hands-on experience by Life Changing Church leaders to live out their God-given purpose.

One year ago I thought I had my future lined up to exactly what I thought it was going to look like, but God wanted more for my life. In the matter of weeks, He called me out of the shy & anxious person I was & placed me around people who built me up to where I am today as a purpose-driven & confident leader for our NOW generation in KidzWorld.

Taylor FenicleKidzWorld Intern 2022

Click the button "APPLY TODAY" to let us know you are ready to take a step of faith. Deadline to apply for the 2024-2025 Internship Program is January 31st.

Interviews for the Internship Program will begin in February. If considered a candidate, we will contact you to set-up a time that you can share your heart for ministry with our team.

Once accepted as an intern, you'll start raising support and begin an experience that will catapult you into what God has next for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for an internship at Life Changing Church?

  • Young adult men and women who have graduated from high school.*
  • Currently engaged in a local church/ministry and demonstrates:
    • Bible engagement
    • Relational accountability
    • Intentional Service
  • Willingness to learn and be led.
  • Self-motivated and hardworking.

*Special consideration will be taken for any senior that is part of a work program in which part of the day they attend classes, and the other part is work release.

How will I be developed?

Each intern will be assigned a supervisor within desired specialty/department. Your supervisor will:

  • Meet with you 1:1 weekly for development which will include:
    • Goal setting & accountability
    • Opportunity to receive and give feedback
    • Guidance & empowerment to complete projects & own growth within department

Each intern will also be assigned an Intern Champion. Your Intern Champion will:

  • Meet with you 1:1 bi-weekly which will include:
    • Experience and trusted advisement through relationship and genuine care
    • Guidance and accountability on your spiritual journey

Additional leadership development will be received through a weekly meeting with all other interns for discussion and leadership training led by various leaders.

Participate and engage in weekly staff & department meetings.

Will this be a paid internship?

Life Changing Church provides resources to every intern accepted into the internship program and will be paid through support raising. This is not an internship in which you will be just doing grunt work for the church, but instead given leadership opportunities that comes with great responsibility to grow God’s Kingdom. We value you as a person and the skills/talents the Lord has blessed you with, so we, partnered with the support team you build, will invest in you by the giving of our time, talent, and treasures.

Why do I have to raise support?

Partnering with those who know you best and your heart and passion for ministry will be another added level of covering to spur you on as you take steps of faith to walk out your God-given purpose. Raising support…

  • reinforces that others see your potential and want to invest in the work God will do in and through you.
  • gives opportunity for God to work through His people by providing provision and prayer to you.
  • provides accountability to both the giver and receiver in how we steward the treasures given to us by the Lord.
  • furthers the mission and vision of Life Changing Church to serve seekers and build believers.

How do I raise support?

Raising support is a big deal and it should not be approached flippantly. You will need a support strategy that we will provide the training and support you need to build once you have been accepted into the program.

Until then, raising support starts by first knowing that God has called you for such a time as this to take this internship journey. Our confidence can first and foremost be that if He has called us to it, He will provide what is necessary to see us through it. This would include those people who will choose to invest in you. There is work on our end to be done, and He has already made a way!

Does an internship lead to full-time staff position at Life Changing Church?

Life Changing Church’s Internship Program is designed to give you an opportunity to be trained and equipped as a future leader wherever you find God leading you to take your next step. That could potentially lead to a position within Life Changing Church or to an open door outside of the organization to live out your next season of life. We are building God’s Kingdom and if that is with you as part of the Life Changing Church team for another season, we will rely on God for wisdom and guidance as we all pray and seek Him for what’s next.

Who can I talk to if I have additional questions before applying?

Contact Tiffany Drown at tdrown@mylifechangingchurch.org.